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The Herman's Bakery family has been a tradition with Baltimore Brides since 1923.  Mr. Herman's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are proudly continuing the family baking tradition.  We hope to exceed all your expectations and thank you for supporting the local bakery industry.  We wish you all the best as you journey forth in your new lives together.  Thank you for letting us serve you.

Prices are subject to change

What You Need To Know About Your Wedding Cake
The standard wedding cake is offered in your choice of a butter pound or yellow layer cake iced in Herman's own traditional white icing or butter cream Icing.  Each wedding tier is baked in 2 layers with icing in between.  Fruit or other flavored fillings are available at an additional charge depending on the cake size. 

Wedding cakes are also available in  red velvet, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake and other special flavors.  Please don't hesitate to inquire.

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 Our Wedding Cake and special Occasion Cakes are priced and sold by the cake size.  We calculate the suggested servings with generous portions knowing that they can actually serve more guests if following the industry guidelines.                                                                  

Wedding Cake Prices

The following cakes sizes will serve more than the suggested servings.
This with the understanding that the bride and groom may  keep the top tier for themselves

Call for a cake tasting appointment.

2 Tier Wedding Cakes
25 guests               $135.00                                   6 &10               Square tiers $15  additional
50 guests               $215.00                                   8 & 12              Square tiers $25 additional

3 Tier Wedding Cakes 
50+    guests             $195.00                              6,8,10 (smallest 3 tier)  Square  +$25      

75+ guests                $325.00                              6, 10, 12                Square tiers $35 additional
100+ guests            $425.00                            6, 10, 14                Square tiers $35 additional
120+ guests             $510.00                              6, 10, 16                Square tiers $40 additional
125+ guests             $525.00                              8, 12, 14                Square tiers $40 additional
140+ guests             $600.00                             8, 12, 16                Square tiers $40 additional
150+ guests             $620.00                             10, 12, 16              Square tiers $45  additional

4 Tier Wedding Cakes
140 guests             $600.00                               6, 10, 12, 14          Square tiers $45 additional
160 guests             $675.00                                6, 10, 12, 16         Square tiers $45 additional
175 guests             $725.00                                6, 10, 14, 16         Square tiers $45 additional
200 guests             $825.00                               6,10, 14, 18          Square tiers $50 additional
215 guests             $900.00                               6, 10, 12, 14, 16  Square tiers $60 additional

Prices Include our delicious Butter Pound Cake , Yellow or Chocolate  Layer Cake with our Traditional White Icing or Butter Cream Icing.  Standard Icing decorations and icing roses are included in the pricing of most designs. Additional Charges may apply for custom designs.  Gumpaste, Fondant, and intricate designs have additional charges.

Flavored Pound Cake is an additional $25.00 per each flavor.
Flavored Pound Cake:  Amaretto/ Almond/ Chocolate & Vanilla Marble/
Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Marble/ Strawberry/ Lemon/ Chocolate Chip

Red Velvet Wedding Cake with traditional or Butter Cream Icing additional charge of $25- 2tier/ $40-3 tier/ $60- 4 tier/-$80-5 tier

Red Velvet or Carrot Cake Wedding Cake with Cream Cheese Icing additional charge of $40- 2tier/ $60-3 tier/ $85- 4 tier/-$125-5 tier

Fruit & other Fillings are an additional $30- 2tier/ $40-3 tier/ $50- 4 tier/-$75-5 tier
Raspberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Lemon, Blueberry, Chocolate Mousse, Rich Chocolate.       

Cannoli or Cream Cheese Icing Filling $35 - 2 tier/ $50 -3 tier/ $75 -4 tier/ $100-5 tier                                                                                                                                                   

Extra round cakes to match wedding cake are:
6”   $30.00 each
8”   $40.00 each
10” $50.00 each

Cupcakes Wedding Cakes are available.  We also offer stand rentals for customers purchasing cakes or cupcakes. Prices for cupcakes range in price depending on flavors, design and details. For example: Vanilla Cupcakes with a simple  white swirled icing are $10.99 dozen.  Cupcakes with Icing Roses on each are $25.00 dozen.  We are happy to discuss different options and pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We will make suggestions to help you stay within your budget. 

Custom designed cakes, cakes with gum paste flowers, fountain & stairway cakes have additional charges. Delivery Charges vary according to location.

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